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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
If that's how we are going to fight for our lives, than we are in serious trouble. That is one poorly drafted "petition".

I would also reccommend against a broad based unco-ordinated letter writing campaign. For this to be effective theres must one message, and everyone must be "on message" every time they speak out or communicate.


PS- United we stand divided we fall did not originate with Marx, but the last guy we should be quoting or mentioning on this issue is Karl Marx.
My thoughts exactly.

I'm worried that someone will run into this too quickly without a well thought out BROAD plan which will sour our cause due to a 'poor first impression.'

Lets get organized with the help of people who have a clue how to approach these types of issues.

I sure Lawdog may have a pretty good idea about what types of resources we will need.
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