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"We have some members here with political lobbying background who have come forward as well, so I think you're right Droc, I think hitting our MPs with our point of view is the starting point."

Completely agreed. We need to get an information package together of some sorts as well as a very well written and drafted letter expressing our concerns desires and suggestions. Once this is done we can have it available to download and customise with MP's name etc. Then have everyone download and submit it to the MP. This information package should include A) A draft of the problem B) Our suggestions on a solution C) Information on the sport in general D) Saftey procedures and age restrictions in practice E) Openness to suggestion from the government side on a solution.

To address the issue of robbing banks with airsoft guns... You would think this would be an advantage lol. People who are going to rob banks are goign to do so regardless, now would you rather them do it with a real gun or one that if it misfires will only leave a bruise ? Not saying this should be part of our political platform, only that its something funny to think about.
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