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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
If that's how we are going to fight for our lives, than we are in serious trouble. That is one poorly drafted "petition".

I would also reccommend against a broad based unco-ordinated letter writing campaign. For this to be effective theres must one message, and everyone must be "on message" every time they speak out or communicate.


PS- United we stand divided we fall did not originate with Marx, but the last guy we should be quoting or mentioning on this issue is Karl Marx.
Okay, I agree... I am at fault for writing something in such a spontaneous manner in the wee-hours, apologies to everyone at ASC for that.

Pleae understand that I am not trying to start a war here with people or be flamed, I am just trying to get the ball rolling... I have always hated sitting and doing nothing for these sort of situations (this is not the first - the first was with GTRCanada which I co-founded due to importation laws/regulations and insurance companies not validating the vehicles that were brought in legally).

As for the statement I made "united we... etc" yes you are correct, it is however usually attributed to a Marxist belief. I will leave it at that.

"It is better to be hated for something you do, then to be hated for something you don't do".

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