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Originally Posted by HonestJohn View Post
ASCA decided that in light of recent events (well a few months ago, and if you're in Toronto, yesterday), enforcement of the laws that concern the sale of replicas is increasing. There is no clean-cut way to sell airsoft in Canada with the laws written the way they are, and I agree - without retail outlets of any kind airsoft will wither away (or grow absurdly slowly, at best) in this country.

It's time that sale and/or ownership is legislated in such a way as to allow players to continue enjoying the sport, but that also satisfies the requirements of the government, and the peace of mind of law enforcement.

I'd like to start this discussion elsewhere than this thread, but my opinion is that there is no other reasonable alternative than to have airsoft classified under the PAL as a non-registered, non-restricted entity, which would control sale and ownership exclusively to and from licensed individuals and businesses.

It may seem like a pain in the ass, but the likelihood is that airsoft is going to get buried under blanket anti-replica legislation sometime in the next 5 years. But even before then, retailers are at risk, and even if it isn't outright banned, lack of supply will just kill this sport here.
I'm one of the Admins from Atlantic Airsoft out east. If theres anything we can do let us know. I'm sure you have been or will be in touch with bean.

We have been thinking for a while now about putting together some sort of package that could be presented to our local governments (NB, PEI and NS). I guess now would be a good time to get this done.

Being the only retailer of BB's in the maritimes i also stand a lot to lose other than the greatest hobby ever.

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