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Hey sorry, I might not have been clear with the letter part of it.. I ment to have those that are really good with legal matters and law enforcement, law's, policitics etc sort of be the main one's to draft something up. But I think too, since we're individuals within a community, that we get to see and get a say in what this letter or how this petition/letter might be presented - so yes, one voice one main person (or a small group who, again, are good at this stuff, cause if it was me doing this id be just like 'um yay to airsoft?' -) -

anyway, i forgot what i was saying - oh, so yeah, get the old timers, and those that know more about this to group it all together, but post it up in a forum so those in the community can see what' would be said and if they wanted, could add in their thoughts (which may or may not get added to the letter in question - if this ever pans out) but atleast its not one person hiding in their basement then all of a sudden everyone finds out they did stuff - and im rambling, 3 pm office brain-crash.. hopefully this makes a bit of sense and i dont sound like a total twit..
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