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Ok Ok, I might get flamed for this one but here it goes. I have been reading these posts about online petitions. Theres obviously no relevence to them. Any Tom Joe Dick Smack can sign it. Has anybody bothered to organize a REAL petition. If theres all these senior airsofters out there and those are the guys that are going at least once a week, why dont they step up and start sending a real petition to ALL of the major airsoft Arena/venues. Have only +18 sign. People will sign. Even the people that go once a year/month will sign. People have fun playing and most people would just sign it because they know its fun and most canadians believe in theyre freedom. The government cant refuse a serious petition like that. I know that it has to be a certain amount of signatures before the government will accept it. Have the people in power decide the format for the petition(regulations, etc.) and start sending them all over canada. Send them to all of the age verifiers for instance. It would be theyre responsibility to make sure you get so many signatures and send it back to the powers to be. As long as each page has a header stating what the petition was sign for. Its alot of work and I know people have said it before but we have to stop bitching and do something about it. QUIT BEING CHAIRSOFTERS! I read the post about Greylocks talking with the CFC. Thats great. One step at a time. So I guess what Im trying to get at is, online petitions bad, real petitions good. For some reason 5000 seems to ring a bell. Thats an achievable number to me. And send that big fancy letter that you sent before with the petition. And please, if you dont like my idea dont get all nasty. This must be doable. I think organization is the key. Thanks and take care.
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