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Originally Posted by Gryphon View Post
Anonymous online petitions mean jack squat and will get us nowhere.

It is anonymous for others, not for me - it is so that once it reaches a limit, I can have the option of making it visible to the public.

For the safety and security of people on this forum (for example) I have selected this option.

As for the admis banning me, I don't see why they should. Everyone is asked to read it and if they like comment on other possible alternatives, solutions, etc. - esp. from the ole'timers who know this community better than anyone else.

I am just tired of people stating this and saying that without actually doing anything except posting on this forum... flame me if you like, but I am at least taking the initiative here to do something - will it be the only solution or will it fly, who knows, but as my saying goes: "It is better to be hated for something you do, than to be hated for something you don't do"

"It is better to be hated for something you do, then to be hated for something you don't do".

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