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I am just actually heading out the door to have lunch with Hojo and get up to speed on his angle on things. I obviously have both a hobbiest interest at stake here like all of you, and (what is worse?) I just put an order in for about $7000USD of BB product for the upcoming season, so, I have a lot at stake from that point of view as well (frankly I could have spent that money on a new car).

I am prepared to work on behalf of the community, as well as my own interests, in trying to represent our point of view. I am just not sure at this stage who we talk to or what avenue to take and I am loathe to speak on behalf of this community without its majority consent. I've railed against that in the past and I won't be speak for people who don't feel I represent their viewpoint accurately or take a high risk position if the majority of people feel the potential risks outweigh the rewards.

I think despite the online cantankerous nature of this board, the way ASC Armory went about the 18+ approach to sales and the general concern always expressed about safety and keeping the AEGs, GBBs and AEPs out of the hands of would-be baddies will stand us in good favor. I just don't know if its enough to overcome the rabid hoplophobia rampant in the media and at the political levels in this country and no matter what we do, as Droc says, you can't spin this hobby as soccer-mom friendly. The very images we create and try to portray are the very ones that everyone is scared to death of.
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