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Airsoft draws many....odd people to it...many people who you dont want fighting to keep airsoft going because they will just do more harm then good.
Its true. We had people before who were about to gear up and go protest on Parliament Hill...Ill bet the soccer moms would love that.

Trying to convince soccer moms and a gun scared society is a loosing battle these days. We can scream responsibility all we want, but every week we see new articles about negative airsoft(related) incidents in the news.

Its hard to be adult males who dress up and run around with toy guns to come accross as anything but Kimveer Gill look alikes.

Keeping airsoft low-key has worked for over a decade. And the fact that things are going to shit now has nothing to do with our lack of action. Your never going to convince a society whos biggest concern is safety that replica assault rifles are a good thing. The crackdown train is coming, and all we can do is slow it down.

Its true, we could get the word out about how responsible we are, but all it takes for all of ASCs responsibility to be blown out of the water is one bad headline.

Every airsofter in the country still only makes up a small percentage, and against the public safety groups, we are fucked.

To avoid coming across as a bunch of gun crazy psychopaths, I say we do what we have done before. Have the best and brightest of the community send out prepared letters to the correct people.

I doubt that it would help, but its always a good thing to address the issues with your MPs. HOWEVER, if thats the case, Id say our top dogs...say hojo, scarecrow, lawdog, etc. prepare a letter that can be released to the community and then sent out individually to MPs...something well written, only the facts etc.
Be better then an MP getting "OMGzor, ban my gun and I pwn ur ass" in an email.
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