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We all talk about PAL !

But in reality we want to have a permit and aquisition permit for Airsoft !

Do not mix Real gun ownership and airsoft.

As talked with the GRC and sureté du québec here last november : Autority are all open to create a permit for this sport, we just have to present ourself, come forward, do our homework and present what they will gain by opening up this market ; $$. There was also permit talking about creating a kind of permit like fishing permit ( you are aloud to buy and pratice your hobby on autorised field and buying from autorised retail airsoft store. the worst was for the retail owner ( they told me what kind of infrastructure i had to have if i want to sell airsoft ). I have to build a secure safe room to stock inventory between closed hours, 2 security system, 1 linked to the police station, the store have to be in 10 km of a police station, all the wall of the store have to be reinforced, the window have to have security bars, you have to have a security guard, a security cam that broadcast on internet real time on a secure server, if build at a field you have to have a security fence with barbwire, and finally fully insured... Finally i ask some contractor to fill this quote to build this requirment over my field and they came with a nice total of 97 000$ + Fee to be legal supplier of airsoft 2000-3000$ a year.

So at last i step down, but they are way to make it.

If everybody go together and take time to do the project we will prevail..

Just to let you know i'm sure that are many people like me who did that kind of research if all these people come together and create a mutual project we can finally legalise the airsoft.


After checking that list and going true everything they did asked for, i come out for

The process to create the ultimate file is long and hard work. Some people in quebec had already begun that process, but badly the main figure of that movement went in the army, so now it's stopped.

We also need to have input from all Retail store that sold airsoft in the past to create a figure with the number that airsoft canada was at : $$$ and what kind of buisness it can attain by being legal.
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