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Exclamation Online Petition - Please Read / Sign & Share Your Thoughts

Hello All,

After much debate last night over the seizures and various retailers closing down as well as the potential reality that the sport of AirSoft might be over sooner than we may want to admit it (or not), I have decided to take the first step by creating an Online Petition.

In the petition, I have outlined a few policies and alternatives in which we can go forward and show authority figures that we mean business.

I am tired of everyone (not just here for this particular issue) but in general speaking about the "sky is falling" or that "if you do this - cops will break down your door" ...etc. That may be possible in movies, but not in reality. Many "Davids" have beat "Goliaths" and this is one battle we have no choice but to confront.

In another post on this forum someone stated (unfortunately) that this is a lose-lose battle for us and that we should simply pack up because we are dealing with a much bigger power and that there is nothing wee-little-us can do about it. If that were true, as I responded on that thread then women would not be able to vote, slavery would still exist today, genocides would not stop and the world as we know it would be much in a much worse situation - I BEG TO DIFFER.

If you agree with what I wrote in the petition, please sign up - I would like to extend this to not only the ASC community but also our brothers/sisters in USA as well as international communities. The more support we get, the better!

Also, I know that you have to sign your first and last name on the petition and well, some of you may not be willing to do such a thing. Ask yourself this: If you won't put your name on the dotted line for something you believe in, then why should you be allowed to play with others who would? Is this just a simple game or your sport and passion? For those that don't see me eye-to-eye on this point, I am saddened by your decision.

As the saying goes, "You can only lead a horse to water, but you can never make it drink"



P.S. I need to make an adjustment on it... so for the time being where it says NAME - put your first and where it says NAME / LAST NAME - put your LAST only! Thank you.
"It is better to be hated for something you do, then to be hated for something you don't do".

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