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- Well written Dracheous. - Okay, so, we're all big talkers, we all have our ideas and voice chatter. - Now the community wants to be pro-active.
I'd admit and say I'm a n00b. I've been in contact with people (through my work) from the CBSA (Canadian border service agency) just to see what I could do and get more of a feel of what we’re faced with (importing, etc.). - great fine, there's document's and law's that need to be hashed through and taken into consideration.
So, is it plausible that those in this forum that are in an area good with laws, good with writing – I don’t know, set up two forums? 1 that contains a letter that could go to officials, that everyone gets to see and gets a say in, that we can all work together on to hash and rehash out so it's worded properly and looks at all angles of the sport and legalities.. And the second forum is a start up of a Canadian based petition? ...
I dunno, maybe start actually working on something?
We could talk this “power to the softers” till everyone’s blue in the face, find it better to be pro-active in, of course a legal and not too over the top 'free airsoft now' aggressive way.. Responsible, legal..
Of course right at this moment I'm being a big dumbass hypocrite by not starting up anything that I noted above but being a n00b, Id rather not f'it up by going on some tirade that I don’t know too to much about yet..
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