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From a licensing perspective, a PAL would work to prevent and control who gets an airsoft gun as it does for a real gun. Also, real guns are serialized for registration and linked to the PAL owner's license - airsoft has no such serial #s. So the registration system would have issues with guns with no numbers - so thats a point you'd have to sell as well...

The only problem is that all the course material regarding the PAL is based on real guns and the processes surrounding them. Airsoft guns are different - for instance using ACTS and PROVE with an airsoft gun would be different - a lot different - ie: how do you check an airsoft gun's chamber? How do you check for an unobstructed barrel? How do you make the gun safe? Its a different process. So you'd also be asking the system to change the course material - thats a long stretch as there was a lot of argument within the firearms community over what was in the course and how its taught. Convincing the CFC to add airsoft gun information and handling to it... I still have to wrap my brain around this one.

I've done a fair amount of course work now for various different aspects of firearms ownership (beyond qualifying for a simple PAL) and the other thing I see is a huge attitude difference between those who own real guns and those who just 'play' airsoft. The community and its priorites are different. I am not sure many of my friends who are in airsoft would want to co-exist in that community or be held to its standards... not that you'd have much choice if PALs were used though.

Also a PAL does take at least $140~ plus $40 in licensing. And they won't let you do a PAL "lite" for airsoft because a PAL fundamentally lets you traffic in and possess firearms. I would never recommend to anyone to challenge the exams, only because the courses are very good and no matter what your age or experience, requalifying your safety and knowledge is a good thing. But there is a provision for a person to challenge the exam.
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