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JOHNUSA, hang on a minute, I don't mean to make any offense to you here, but getting a petition from the states to have something changed in Canada would KILL this sport for us.

The liberal party is ALWAYS chewing up with this anti-American crap. We have this submited, the Liberals would be all over this to twist it into a "Conservatives support civilians owning machine guns and assualt rifles!" And not to mention how they'd twist up the NRA in to this.

Heck they even have David Suzuki telling FIVE year olds that Harper is killing polar bears and seals! ((Okay, so he's said that Conservies didn't do any green, and he's been trying to say that the polar bears are dying off anyway, thats another thread)) And you want us to go to our MP's saying, "LOOK! Not only are there a thousand of us that play this game safely and follow the laws while doing this, we have a thousand signatures from people in the states saying that they do this as well." It'd get turned into a farce.

Help from an organization "like" the NRA would be helpful, as its a large group dedicated to preserving citizens right to fire-arms and some where in their doctrine the safe use of them as well.

I think that if we got everyone in Canada together on one petition and one action we'd have a chance. We would have to move to get us seen as a minority group. We should also investigate going the route of being a "re-enacting" group, perhaps not a right out "re-enactment" as people can't seem to come together on that idea, but finding some niche where our sport fits. Sure, there is some re-acting to it, but theres also a lot of unorganized role playing to it too. And lastly we have to stress the point that this is a game, and a hobby to some ((gun doctors)). And the thing is we really have to look at the venues available to make it so that we appear as safe as the next guy, and those guys are our 'friendly' neighbors, paintballers.

And I know there are quite a few thousand people into this game, just look at how extensive this board's sign up is. And then there are people out there that do not sign up here and don't partake in this board. Heck at the last Quickpass in Rawdan there was 180 some people! That was one game that had people from Quebec and Ontario, but I'd wadger that alot of people were not there. There were a few from Ottawa that were not there, and Toronto probably had a large populous of their players not there. And thats not getting anyone from maritimes or going out west!

Even if there were somewhere from 1500-2000 names on this list. Thats 2000 people that we could perhaps have get PAL's, which is money in the governments pocket, and a way for them to legitimize everything. Or 2000 people that would be stimulating economy because we do buy goods for our game. We have retailers that deal in everything from consumables to the guns, and gear. Look at anyone thats gotten into this sport, how much money have they spent? This year alone I've probably spent a couple thousand on it alone, and thats a conservative estimate.

The biggest thing that those 2000 names would be, is that it'd show the public that there are 2000 men and women that play this sport with responsibility and safety in mind. Thats 2000 people that are just trying to have fun, but are getting looked bad upon, because little Timmy O'tool didn't get taught to play safe with the $40 toy gun he got at Canadian Tire or Walmart. But its not like those are the only 'toys' that kids are not being taught to use safely, just look at how many kids get stranded or drown out on ice flows with their snowmobile because they just didn't stay off the ice or stick to the marked crossings for snowmobiles? That's why there are licensing for those machines now. So if that means the PAL for us, then fine, but the thing sits that we need to appear responsible and an organized group to anyone that looks this way.

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