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Originally Posted by Manaconda View Post
I could be wrong but... Isn't there a huge process to the PAL system? Like isn't there something in it that involves some one going through some kind of pshyc analisis through the answers to the questions?

My point is Pall ain't gonna make it easier. Anyhow lets wait to see what Hojo has to say. I don't think this was the thread for all of this talk.
The process isn't that bad - it is a mandatory 2-day crash course that you must take (cost is $80-120) depending if you want it for non-restricted or restricted firearms.

After the course, you take a written exam and viola - it then gets sent to the Chief Firearms Office in your province for background checks (yes, criminal record checks) and such. No pysch analysis or anything of that nature.

If you want to transport your firearm say to a range, you will need an ATT - which is just another fee - that is all.

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