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Unfortunately, nothing will be *officially* done on this matter before federal elections (from our side anyways)... All I can say is that there is quite a number of mp's that are aware of airsoft and positive about it if correctly controlled.

As surprising as this may sound, the ones i'm thinking about right now are Bloc's mp's, because someone in airsoft close to the Bloc did some PR last summer/fall and invited some mp's to see and touch airsoft.

As I said, most of them were positive about it and I ''think'' the guy also talked about it to M. Duceppe. This means that even within the opposition, ppl are friendly to our cause. The biggest changes will be made via PR with mp's and by official letters and such.

For those interested, Tim Wyborn sent me most of the documentation he and the ABA used to save airsoft in England. (Situation is not the same over here, but it could get very similar in the future, so...)
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