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Ah skruface u beat me to this story.

I must give kudos to the reporter of the story, mostly because it was done right, even the subtle difference of stating it was "clear soft" rather than "air soft" and even went farther to explain the difference.

As i go to the high school just adjacent to the middle school mentioned, we were issued a note stating that "after consulting with a physician, no serious injury was reported".... it gave me a jolt/pissed off mood becuase i was pissed that this happened here. I try my best convincing kids to wait till they're 18, like me, and best into almost a speach to kids talking about clearsoft at the youth drop in nearby.

The real problem i find is that when you tell younger kids this, the responce is usually "Well it cant hurt anyone, theyre just little bbs" or "c'mon its not a real gun", and it never seems to cross their minds the issues that come from that way of thinking about it that way.

Sigh.... Maybe if we inserted some nudey pictures in the FAQ that would get more people to read them
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your right,when it rains the burger joint across the street does have cats for 4.99$ but that doesnt mean that i can just go get all the grape jelly i want
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