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Thanks Canadian Customs...

Thankfully we have Canadian Customs to protect us from the evil airsoft monster. Maybe I should start playing paintball instead. Although I've heard that they have started cracking down on more realistic looking paintball guns as well.

Sometimes I seriously consider moving to the US. I wish our politicians would grow some balls and tell soccer moms to mind their own business. Heart disease kills thousands more people in this country than guns do, and airsoft (as far as I am aware) has yet to kill anyone. If they don't like airsoft guns, then they don't have to buy them for their kids, but why should taxpaying adults be unable to purchase equipment for their hobby? The video games and television sets they plant their kids in front of are a greater risk to their kids' health than airsoft guns. Obesity in this country is a far greater health risk, at least airsoft gets people outside and exercising which is 1000 times healthier than sitting on their asses in front of a TV or computer.

I can think of a lot of toys more dangerous than airsoft guns. Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles and stray hockey pucks all cause more injuries to kids and adults alike. Maybe we should ban all sports which require safety equipment. That way their precious little babies could stay at home and live long enough to die from heart disease before they have a chance to move out of their parents' basements.

As for the use of airsoft guns in crime, what would you rather be robbed with a real gun or an airsoft gun? I'd rather have a stressed, possibly high or mentally ill person pointing an airsoft gun at me than a real gun. Knives and syringes are much cheaper and readily available weapons for them to use in crime, so why even worry about them using expensive and relatively harmless airsoft guns. The government should punish the criminals not the responsible taxpayers who just want to be able to conduct their hobby in peace.

As responsible airsofters, we store and transport our airsoft guns to the playing field safely and responsibly. When we play, we wear proper protective eyewear and we respect the club/field rules. So why should we be oppressed by soccer moms, Canadian customs and the existing firearms regulations for playing a sport which is safer than Canada's national past-time (hockey)?

Free Airsoft!
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