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Originally Posted by Aaidin View Post
I think the vast majority of us already have guns for playing, my sadness is because this going to make it much harder to get new players into the sport if we lose yet another line of access to guns.
True, am aware of that, am concerned if this entire thing is real, or just isolated (chances of that are high) but as far as I'm concerned (based upon my own experience having never bought a gun from a retailer) for at least a few years there will be people entering the sport and other leaving the sport and selling off their kit. So for a while new players might have to resort to either waiting to get into the game with gear, or pick something they don't really want in order to play and wait for something they really want to be sold. Lack of retailers in the country actually selling new imported guns won't kill us for a few years, but a crack down on parts and such happens (as well as guns and ammo), that WILL eventually stop us ALL from playing.
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