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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I think what he's saying is that action taken by members or administrators of a forum linked directly to a retailer is not the best locale to initiate efforts to affect legal change.

Perhaps it should come from an organization of players directly, rather than from a forum linked directly to ASCA.
Well the reality is no action will ever come directly from this site anyway - anything that happens is going to come from individual actions, rather than a collection of posts on a forum that means nothing. Forums are kids play, it takes real backing to open a dialogue with the government.

I disagree about a commercial enterprise being involved. It might seem like that
is morally incompatible, but legislative changes have to involve the commercial side of it (you don't think Crossman will fight tooth and nail not to have replicas defined as requiring a PAL?). Decisions like these are judged on merit, and the viability of implementation (usually more the latter than former). Not the business card of the person that is working on dialogue.

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