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Originally Posted by zero delay View Post
No one who is reasonably inteligent can argue against any of those controls, as far as I'm concerned %100 accountability should and MUST be expected from any one who owns or uses any thing like a Airsoft gun, but thats the problem aint it? Thats the opinion of one guy in Sask, talking like that on a D-board that is funded by volume selling isn't exactly popular.
I agree. Airsoft is a vice, but I'd like myself and those of us who are responsible enough to use it properly to still have that chance. If that means we have to jump through some hoops, I'd be more than happy to - in fact, I'd RATHER if I knew it would protect my hobby.

I don't know why you'd bring up the source of funding of this site. If ASC only existed because of "volume selling" then ASCA wouldn't bother with age verification and I wouldn't have paid for ASC out of my own pocket for a year (all back thanks to donations ultimately - thank you, world) while it transitioned to a bigger and bigger server. I think you're thinking of another airsoft business on the west coast.
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