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Go ahead and call but the cops will just give the same old song and dance that they can't tell the difference between a replica and a real gun...hence they should all be taken off the streets.

The bloody idiots will just not get it through their heads... if someone is brandishing a weapon in public, especially while committing or attempting to commit a crime, they deserve the maximum response from the law.

The cop should not be trying to determine if it's real or not. Assume it's real. There is no difference. They just became a criminal for gods sakes, don't be nice!

If an "innocent kid" is waving a toy gun in public, he's obviously not innocent and needs to learn a life lesson really quickly courtesy of the ETF!

But as per usual, punish the majority for one persons mistake.

Ah will it ever end, next we'll be banning knives like they are trying to do in the UK.
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