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I just want one of those "Voices of reason" that seem to always weigh in on these matters to explain to me how the fact that Airsoft now has essentially one outlet left in the entire country for AEGs, with additional legislation in the works to put a virtual hemostat on any arteries left for people to get gear doesn’t pretty much mean the throttle is stuck and the tracks are ripped out up ahead a few miles? I mean it's awesome to look like the calm and collected professional, by putting to rest all the little peoples fears as well as placing the big Kibosh on all those pesky "Airsoft is screwed" rumors, but did any one ever think maybe instead of dismissing the concerns, some type of action may have been warranted besides the usual talking heads regurgitating the legalese BS over and over again until people just stop giving a shit? For example maybe treating the issues raised in this thread with a little more seriousness instead of sticking the entire thing in the trash?
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