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Originally Posted by KaOz View Post

I am considering calling the telephone number and requesting to speak with someone of authority there - it would be at least a nice editorial piece for Airsoft Xtreme Magazine (which I plan on being a contributor now).

I want to share "our side" of the story and discuss things.

Your thoughts on this?

Feel free to post questions that you think I should ask - I plan on limiting them to 10 maximum. I do not want to step on anyone's toes, so this is why I am asking ahead of time - no surprises.

If people on this forum feel that I should not mention ASC at all... or that we play, etc. please state so.

Unfortunately, I will not be back in Tdot until the end of March so I am not able to attend the Press Conference.

go ahead, but dont say any names or site adresses.
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