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Originally Posted by Kusiami View Post
The problem here are the fucking idiot punks, not airsoft. Why can't those in authority SEE that?

This upsets me to no goddamn end!
Why? Kimver Gill was one psyhco with a Glock, a Storm and shotty. He killed 1 person in a school. Now, the Fiberals have instituted a ban on semi-autos as a party platform item. One guy with legal guns. Marc Lepine brought about the last Firearms Act with it's Draconian restrictions. One man with a Mini-14.

What makes you think that 1 kid who gets shot by a cop because he had a KSC Glock would not lead to an immediate ban on all replicas for everyone. It has happened in the past. IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!!

Those in authority believe the public at large will accept results, any results. As long as any gun is taken off the streets, they see victory.
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