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Originally Posted by KaOz View Post
What steps must we take to make sure our sport stays alive and we don't get personal seizures or arrests? Who or whom do we need to speak to regarding this?
First of all we all continue to behave and promote safe and responsible play, as we always have as a community. Second, we assess where this is going, with input from people who know what is going on. If the government is committed to a new course of action on this, or is indeed, just enforcing import rules, we need to know that. Lastly we have to discuss (calmly) the long term implications for us as players, if indeed this is a crackdown that will affect our access to a supply of airsoft guns, and what it means for new players coming into the sport trying to find airsoft guns to play with. At the moment there is not enough information to really assess what is happening to react yet.

But I do know a registry won't assuage CBSA and won't change the law that is currently on the books. Thats the problem with occupying a grey area in law - some people will see more white than black and others will see more black than white. And if you push too hard, you end up with a solid color you never wanted to see.
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