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Wow, this is some news to me... esp. as I am just getting back into the sport/community after being away since 2003/4.

I doubt the sky has fallen... same could be said about Y2K which was a much bigger issue and look at what happened with that - NOTHING.

Rule of the day: Be irresponsible, Get the cuffs!

There definately needs to be some sort of open-forum held with the community and their local political representatives - no joke. Back when I played (for a bit) the main concern was youngersters buying and shooting these things randomly and in inappropriate locations... now ASC has this age verification policy down pat which looks great and seems to be working.

Maybe the next step is to have all those who want to purchase airsoft aegs/gbbs to have a PAL / ATT - firearms training courses (mandatory) in order to apply for a firearm licence. Sure it may suck to spend $80+ but if it keeps the boys in blue away and makes the political community feel assured that things are done correctly for the sport then maybe it might be the best policy thus far?

Please share your thoughts...

Furthermore, maybe ASC should have a paid membership (small fee of $25) with files on record as to address, etc. and which aegs are owned.

Just my two cents.

"It is better to be hated for something you do, then to be hated for something you don't do".

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