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Originally Posted by lt_poncho View Post
For sure man - and I don't think it's anything mushy - it's way too easy for most parents here, and there are quite a few. I've got two kids and I can't think of a world without them. The one thing I've noticed is the passage of time, and how fast it goes as you watch them grow. None of my kids were 'planned' - I find that concept amusing. Just be a good parent, be there for them, (try to) understand them and everything else will come easy.

The KSC HK USP is great, but I still like my beat up KSC Glock. I tend to like the guns I abuse the most. Good tools.

Buddy, i'm game for an ASC meet n' greet at JOHNNY's. I got a fucking hard on for their cheese dogs. Damn now I got Johnny's on the brain...


Yes, this marriage is kaputz but again it is something that I need to so - returning to Toronto that is. Been away too long from my friends, family and everything that I know... my "comfort zone." I can still be a good father if I am not physically present 24/7 - can't I? I mean, I figure the same with the guys in Iraq and such who's kids are being born while they are away. I plan on traveling back to Boston every 3-4 weeks for a weekend... and doing the child support thing (which does hurt). I just hope that my daughter understand when she is older that it is something which needed to be done and doesn't resent me... time will tell.

As for the KSC HK USP... glad you love it! I have always loved the Glocks (real ones of course)... but I'm a big HK fan. Who knows, might buy both. I just wasn't sure of the quality - that's all.

Also, any advise on that new Jing-Gong HK G36C? that is supposed to be a better knock-off of the TM one? I will probably end up going with TM once again though.

Ahhh.... Johnny's! Well, I should be back in Toronto by the end of March (27th or so)... maybe we can plan like Saturday April 7th? What'cha think? Can we organize like a meet and greet to those who want to come? All I know is that I'm gonna order everything on their menu - even the 30-cent coffee... do they still have that? hah.


P.S. Poncho - Lisa wants to know if you remember me for age verification. I was brought in by Jay (Wildecard) and Brian (Gump)... but that was like 2003/2004... been so long!
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