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Originally Posted by lt_poncho View Post
Getting a daughter is getting the best thing out of it...
Indeed my friend, as difficult as this past year has been leaving everyone and everythign that I know back in Toronto I am ever thankful that I do have my beautiful daughter... sure I'm young and sure it wasn't planned, but when you think of those moments that take your breath away you know that something magical happened to you - nothing else matters.

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff... don't want to make you grown men cry now - right? GRRRR... BEER... TITS... AIRSOFT... BEER... GUNS... MEN TALK... GRRR! hah.

Yes, getting divorced - so yey I guess? Maybe we should host a "hunt the ex-wife" day at Sgt. Splatters or something? Make them wear orange prisoner uniforms and everyone can unload clips? Haha... taget practice! *jokes*


As for getting age verified, seems that unless I am in Toronto no one is will to. I would be happy to send copies of my passport, drivers license, etc. etc. etc... esp. as I want to check some stuff out for AEGs and GBBs so I can be ready come spring!


I noticed that one of you has an HK USP... do you like it compared to the Glocks?

"It is better to be hated for something you do, then to be hated for something you don't do".

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