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Originally Posted by Kusiami View Post
And its never too late to change your mind about moving back to Canada. Its a lovely country and all, but if airsoft is a primary part of your life, there are better places to play.

I say this now because I have recently developed one of those pessimistic, "the sky is falling" attitudes. Don't mind me, it'll probably pass in due time (probably when I get an AEG).
Dude, relax. Seriously. It's really not that bad. Do you not see all the "new gun" pics people are posting? Ever sit back and ask yourself how they've acquired them? If the situation was as bad as your making it out to be, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have my 1911 collection, and I'm pretty damn sure people wouldn't be posting pics of their new AEGs/GBBs. Do yourself a favour, and relax.
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