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Originally Posted by KaOz View Post
Johnny's Burgers = GOD! Till this day I remember always getting a banquet burger (bacon cheese burger), coke and fries for $6.66 - gotta love it!

All those long club nights... and getting in the door just at 2:59am on the dot as the Greek guys are saying "Ella Ella... Let's Go... Let's Go"... haha...

Damn, first thing I'm doing when I head back to Toronto is stopping at Johnny's for a hugggeeeee meal! =)


As for letting me feel you - Mmmm... hahah *jokes*... it was a typo, crucify me


In regards to purchasing AEGs/BBGs... yes, I am looking for a retailer. Seems the situation got worse since I left the whole scene a few years back. Anyone got suggestions?

As for the MASSHOLES comment... ya, it is true. I have never been searched and they do talk like idiots here. My wife is like "well, that is just the way we say it... " and I'm like "you're retarded b/c I too speak English and you can go up to Canada and meet the 32 million people and no one talks like an idiot... by adding "Rs" at the end of words or dropping leets like its hot"

On another note... MASSHOLES are also the worst drivers. They never signal, they have a stupid road system here and there is traffic be it at 2am or 2pm!


As for the 200km/hr comment... as in trying to go 300km/hr... the fastest I have gone is 318km/hr on the Tokyo Bay Bridge 2 years ago the weekend after Tokyo Auto Salon in a friend's 1,000hp R34 Skyline. I'm a professional automotive photographer and journalist so I get the privledge of test driving some of the most insane cars around, be it in North America or elsewhere. You can check my blog to see just what I have been up this past year in Boston > < from 700hp Supras to 1,000 R33 Skyline and everything in between.

Ah yes, the famous banquet that's not on the menu, yummmmmmmm.

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