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Originally Posted by Pug_674 View Post
Ok well I have managed to find out that it is a private farm outside city limits, and as far as i know mostly everyone is under 18, im assuming the police have not been informed so far of what we are doing, im thinking its not so good an idea, but still wanting to hear ur guy' opinions, also it is not a licensed paintball and/or airsoft field
You being 19 as listed in your profile, if there are no other adults around, you're taking the shit if the cops show up.

Even a farm outside city limits, it should still be out of public's view and police notified so they don't pull their glocks on you when they get a call someone driving by seeing a bunch of guys shooting each other. And since you're using CDN Tire Crapsoft, the chances are, you'll be pretty close to each other looking like a gang fight or something.

Private field isn't so big of a problem, there has been games held at privately owned fields before and have waivers to sign off liabilities, etc. But those are designed in enclosed area out of public's view, and a staging area where no firing allowed.
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