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Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it.

As for BDUs... I have all that stuff still (in my closet back in Toronto) so fear not, thank you though.

In regards to moving back to Canada, trust me man, I am looking forward to it. The unfortunate thing is that I am leaving my 11-month old daughter here with her mother, but it is something that I need to do - it is much more complicated than it seems. If you only knew what it was like to live in a country whereby most people are ignorant, the government is stupid and well, the immigration laws are simply F'd up thanks to 9/11.

Can't wait to enjoy my Tim Hortons, eat a Johnny's Hamburger, drive 200km/hr again on 401/404 and go to Whiskey-A-Go-Gos... whereby you can get good beer (as opposed to the shitty 3% here) and lap dances completely nude! =)

Ahhh... OH CANADA!!!


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