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Legit Fields/ legal issues

Well I just turned 17, I want to break into airsoft, but before I do I wanna know the rules, i was reading that thread about g_unit and getting his gun confiscated, and this is sorta similar to the situation i haev here in Calgary, a friend of mine invited me to his youthgroup airsoft party, we all haev crappy canadian tire spring guns, but still i am not 100% sure that what we are doing isnt really dumb, how do i find out if the field we are going to is legit, its not a paintball field i dont think, so is there any other way a field can be used legally for play? the field is privately owned (i know it makes no difference, just saying) and all i know is that it is out of town, i have no other knowledge to go on right now, how can i find out more etc?
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