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Originally Posted by Bakes View Post
Thanks alot brian, thats all i was looking for. From what ive gathered is that the only real problem with these guns is that they look like real guns. There no other real issue. Paintball guns shoot projectiles the same way as an airsoft gun and nobodies making a big stink about them. All I was saying with the age thing is that I am grown man and I should be able to make my own decisions on what I should and shouldnt buy. Some soccer mom shouldnt be able to tell me that I can buy a bb gun(I know, its not a bb gun) because her son/daughter is too irresponsible to play with AS guns because they couldnt raise theyre child right :banghead: I guess coming into this sport, I just have a hard time comprehending the "problem" here. Sure they look like real guns but they dont or cannot be manufactured to act like real guns. Im not saying anything that you guys dont already know. Once again I appreciate the sensible answers you gave me guys. Peace out
The closest thing you can find is that they are considered Replicas, and the same laws apply most of the time; age to buy is 18+, sorry if I mistook your age by 4 years. Still, even if you were 40 you would have to be verified.

You CANT use them just anywhere, or buy them from just anywhere either. It does take special permits to import them.

Those are facts you have to cope with real fast, wether you like them or not, wether you like me or not.

If ever I insult you, dont worry, you will know. Until then, having someone tell you facts is not an insult.
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