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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
Actually I thought GL's post was one of his mellower ones. Perhaps that pickle up your ass is uncomfortable.

He was trying to point out that the reason airsoft guns are hard to get is that they are not treated by the law as toys. But since you read everything you said you did, you already know that.

Truth is that every major retailer requires age verification and you havn't done like that. Your whine about soccer moms and the injustice of it being hard to get an AEG is not going to change anything.

Everything Brian posted would have been figured out by you if you had read everything you said you did. Brian just has a knack for instructing people too lazy to do the spadework themselves.

Oh, two more peices of USEFUL advice:

1) if you don't want to people to treat you like an idiot, don't ask grossly open-ended, non-specific, idiotic questions.

2) if you plan to frequent this site, get a thicker skin, GL didn't lay a glove on you and you whined like a baby.

and one bonus peice, saying "don't talk to me about the laws" in this forum, on this issue, makes you look like an idiot.

Well thank you, I appreciate you verifying that Im an idiot. The pickle is very uncomfortable. Thank you again for being so concerned. I obviously know that airsoft guns are not being treated as toys.(I obviously know that because I cant walk into toys r us and buy the airsoft gun that I want. I didnt need to read a dam thing to figure that one out.) But Im an idiot, so what do I know. As we rant on about the simple questions I asked, Im waiting on the email back from the area rep for the age verification. And I obviously know that complaining about soccer moms on some message board is not going to change anything. I again thank Brian for being so pleasant with my obvious ignorance to how things are done around here. Im a gasfitter and if I was on a message board about gasfitting and somebody asked a simple question I would not tear them apart.(Im not whining just being civilized, I could go elsewhere with you calling me a whiner)I would however offer my most intelligent answer. I can guarantee that you would ask open ended, non-specific,idiotic questions about things that I do. And I dont know if I plan to frequent this board due to guys like you that know everything and cant get off theyre high horse to help the new guys out. I thought thats why we have message boards.(I know someones gonna say something about that one, something like "ya we have message boards so you can research") Well if ppl didnt ask questions then there would be nothing to read. As for the laws, yes I was a little offensive with my wording. I dont think you can really understand those laws. To a sensible person they just dont make sense. And maybe thats whats so frustrating to people, I dont know. So now that I have wasted WAAAAAY too much time(5 minutes) on addressing what you have so kindly spent your time typing for me. Thanks to brian again and thanks to the guys that pm'd me. Now that I have the few guys that pm'd me, I'll just ask them the questions. Theyre obviously nice guys. Have a nice day

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