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Originally Posted by Bakes View Post
First off buddy(greylock), Im not 24. I know I need to be age verified. I have read a thing or two on here. Second if its not a bb gun, then why does its shoot 6mm plastic bb's. As for the laws, dont talk to me about the laws. The laws are all fucked up and dont make any sense. Ive been reading alot of posts on here and I can see that you really know how to put in your 2 cents. Thats great. I can see the canadian retailers at the top of the page. I have been to pretty much every canadian retailers site and they either say "cannot import guns right now" or they are temporarily out of stock or they just dont have the gun I want. And thirdly, Dont talk to me like I am a frickin idiot. I came to this board cuz its the major canadian one and I knew that I would get answers here. + I have a buddy that frequents all of the boards. oh and thanks for all the USEFUL input.
Actually I thought GL's post was one of his mellower ones. Perhaps that pickle up your ass is uncomfortable.

He was trying to point out that the reason airsoft guns are hard to get is that they are not treated by the law as toys. But since you read everything you said you did, you already know that.

Truth is that every major retailer requires age verification and you havn't done like that. Your whine about soccer moms and the injustice of it being hard to get an AEG is not going to change anything.

Everything Brian posted would have been figured out by you if you had read everything you said you did. Brian just has a knack for instructing people too lazy to do the spadework themselves.

Oh, two more peices of USEFUL advice:

1) if you don't want to people to treat you like an idiot, don't ask grossly open-ended, non-specific, idiotic questions.

2) if you plan to frequent this site, get a thicker skin, GL didn't lay a glove on you and you whined like a baby.

and one bonus peice, saying "don't talk to me about the laws" in this forum, on this issue, makes you look like an idiot.

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