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Finding the gun you want..

Due to import restrictions, and recent court action on a major importer, along with the collapsing of a large distrubution network in Canada, the pickings for guns is slim.

in order to get the exact gun you want it could take months before one of the remaining importers can get it in..

It is frustrating.. but it is also the way it is...

Although these things do shoot bbs they are not governed by the laws that control "BB Guns" Due to the fact that many airsoft guns are 1:1 exact models of real guns the rules pertaining to replica firearms with respect to importation and distrubution apply.

if you have a particular gun in mind you have 2 courses..

Get Age verified

1. talk to one of the retailers and ask if they can get one... and wait and wait and wait

2. Once verified find out if a member here has a used one of the model you want.

Many of the regular posters here have seen new members come in.. and ask the same questions again and again...

so the cost for admission is... breaking through the exasperation of the veterans that clearly comes across in initial posts.

Welcome to ASC..
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