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Just chill out a bit there Bakes. I know the "Grey" can be a little intimidating to new guys, and a pain in the ass for others.

But just because you want a toy gun that shoots plastic BBs doesn't mean that they are easy to get. It used to be that there were a dozen+ retailers that stocked literally hundreds of guns to chose from. No more and never will be again.

If you want to bitch, bitch at the CBSA, the CFC, the "Urban-Educated-Hippy-Soccer-Moms" in Eastern Canada, the CGC and anyone else who believes guns (real or toy) have no place in a civilized Canada. We fight them everyday, with every parts and accessory orders stopped at the border, with the inability to access guns.

What affects you affects all of us. Just because you are 28 makes ZERO difference. You need to be age verified to be able to purchase from ASCA. You can try A&A and see what they say, but don't expect a speedy response.
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