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Oh really

First off buddy(greylock), Im not 24. I know I need to be age verified. I have read a thing or two on here. Second if its not a bb gun, then why does its shoot 6mm plastic bb's. As for the laws, dont talk to me about the laws. The laws are all fucked up and dont make any sense. Ive been reading alot of posts on here and I can see that you really know how to put in your 2 cents. Thats great. I can see the canadian retailers at the top of the page. I have been to pretty much every canadian retailers site and they either say "cannot import guns right now" or they are temporarily out of stock or they just dont have the gun I want. And thirdly, Dont talk to me like I am a frickin idiot. I came to this board cuz its the major canadian one and I knew that I would get answers here. + I have a buddy that frequents all of the boards. oh and thanks for all the USEFUL input.
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