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Originally Posted by Droc View Post
meh. after poking around, Im not impressed with the markup. It is substantially larger then that of other retailers on quality guns.
Consider this. Many retailers deal directly with the manufacturer, so they get guns at even cheaper prices, but for this comparison, Im going to use WGC as a baseline comparison as it reflects as close to factory prices as possible.

I had recently emailed to get a price on their new JG G36C as it has been recently added on WGC and can give a good comparison.
The price they mentioned was aprox $275 Canadian dollars. Thats $236 USD
WGC(and other retailers) retails the same product at $80 USD.
Ok, thats normal, since we always end up paying more in Canada for various reasons.

But lets compare ASCA's TM SR16. Retails for $550 Canadian Dollars or $472 USD. WGC retails the same product at $269 USD.

With ASCA on the TM, we pay aprox 1.75 times more then it sells for.
With on the JG, we pay aprox 2.95 times more then it sells for.

If ASCA had the same increase as, the SR16 would cost $794 USD or $924 Canadian Dollars.

So, on a China airsoft gun...also known as crapsoft to many members, you are going to pay a LARGER increase for a lower quality gun(295% compared to 175%).

Theoretically, if dealing with ASCA's increase of 1.75x, the same JG G36c that sells for $275CND would only cost you $163CDN.

Keep in mind, that ASCA deals with asian importers, and deals with American importers, however, the price difference between the two is very small.

I was actually considering ordering one of the JG G36c as a loaner since they have been rumored to to excellent clones of the TM with CA internals and shooting just under 400fps...However, since it is a china gun, I cant justify paying a much higher markup then I would with our current retailers on a quality proven manufacturer.

now Im not trying to put down, as I was very pleased with the email response I received from them, but Im always looking to see who is offering the truly best prices to airsofters. I can actually see doing quite well since the quality of chinasoft is getting better as time goes on, and if they can make their markup closer to that of other retailers.

There it is, kids.

I was seriously considering picking up a crapsoft as a potential project gun, but after that extremely informative lay out, and I agree as well, I cannot justify over paying for a vastly inferior china gun.

Thanks, Droc, that's exactly the info I was looking for. Good job!
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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.
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