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well some vehicles (the J.S.O.C. M75 APC for example) are too dangerous to move on the field and so are used as spawn points or bunkers. we use keystone 2 rules for vehicle use (disabling, repairing, speed, weapons).
J.S.O.C. has an iltis, 2 deuces, CUCV, M75 APC, almost bought a decommisioned leopard before they got recalled, and ive been informed we're getting an M1045 for a summer project.
you CAN convert a civilian vehicle, all J.S.O.C. vehicles are ex-military, theres no size limit to your vehicle, but if its deemed to dangerous to be used on the field it will be used as a spawn point or bunker. its always a good idea to register your vehicle, the iltis and CUCV are usually driven to games, the M75 will be carried due to fuel economy.
weapons are made to be as realistic as possible and are viewed case by case, nothing overboard obviously.

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