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Airsoft vehicles

Some of us have been to air shows or other public events and the Canadian Forces have been showing off their equipment. I fell in love with the LAV-III, and am curious about the use of vehicles in airsoft. I know i may never get to ride in a LAV, but some extensive use of vehicles are known to be around, like here, and here in Manitoba i know there have been some vehicles to show up in larger games.

So are there any general rules everyone has agreed to regarding their use? or do they go in a case -by- case basis like OP:KS2? Things like maximum speed, occupation limits?

But mainly, construction. Are there limits on weaponry? Size? Are they just modified civilian vehicles, or decommissioned military vehicles? If civilian, do they have to be registered, or carried place to place on a trailer?

Any information would be nice, just to create a base set of "guidelines" for some of us with the armor bug and may be able to make the next season a little more interesting...
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