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I know several people have issues with support guns.

The club I participate in ( ) has a few rules we use. These rules are "prohibitive" in nature as we dont want every yahoo being a support gunner. When we play ammo limit games only support gunners can be unlimited (we have a no winding mags rule for ammo limit days). Also: only one in 10 can be a support gunner, have to meet regs below etc. In our club we have more than 150 people, only 2 (myself included) are QSS. I used to have an AUG HBAR and an MG36 and currently saving for an M249, other guy has an L86.

(I know its long - but its our FAQ so bear with it . . .)

Originally Posted by UCA SAW forum

Q: What is the advantage of being a QSS?
A: Besides being a total bad ass? There is one key “advantage” to being a QSS: 450 fps AEG limit. This advantage does come at the cost of other rules; these will be addressed further on.

Q: What is the first thing I need to do to become a UCA QSS? Can I do this before I spend the time and money to build a gun I might not be able to use?
A: Yes you can and you should. The process is simple. There are two parts to becoming a QSS: Certifying yourself (the hard part) and certifying your AEG (the “easy” part).

Q: How do I certify myself as a QSS?
A: Only a UCA officer can certify you as a QSS. You will need to speak directly with one of the following UCA senior Officers: Bryan Stewart (Admin), Dave Wall (Missileman), JM (Gandpa), Jake Styer (Jake). These and only these four can certify you to be a QSS. Their exact certification process is based on the needs of the individual. This may seem prejudice, but it is in fact a safety issue. The Officer will ask you some questions and look over the plans for your gun. He will also hear your arguments for leniency on some of the rules if you have any. That Officer will then take your request to the other Officers and they will make a decision and notify you. It's that simple.

Q: Can a UCA officer certify me as a QSS by PM, E-mail, forums, or by phone?
A: No, this must be done in person and may take more than once.

Q: How do I certify my equipment?
A: The easy answer is the following: Have it working properly shooting under 450 fps with .20 bb’s. Then get one of the above listed UCA officers to certify your gun.
This however is not the WHOLE answer, for that you must read on:

Q: What does my gun need to be/have in order to even be considered as a support gun?
A: This is going to be the single longest answer in the FAQ’s. This is because there are a lot of rather “simple” reasons why you cannot simply have a 450 fps pistol with a high capacity magazine and think you are a QSS.

There are several KEY things an AEG needs in order to be even considered for certification.

1. An AEG (again – no support pistols or bows and arrows, but if you can throw rocks fast enough we may consider that . . .)
2. A Box/Drum/Highcap magazine capable of carrying at least 1000 rds.
3. Have a Bi-pod or Tri-pod.
4. Have a minimum weight of 15lbs.
5. Be the equivalent of a real steel squad gun.

If you do not meet every one of these categories, your gun is not a support gun and cannot be used above 400 fps for any reason.

Q1: Why an AEG?
A1: You’re not really going to make me answer this right?

Q2: Why a 1000 rd magazine?
A2: This is based on the need to be the equivalent of a real steel gun. Since every AEG made is capable of using a high capacity magazine (from 300 to 600+ rds) that could make them “support guns.” Using a box/drum etc mag of over 1000 rds clearly states your intention to be a QSS, and trust me, your going to use every single bb in that 2500 rd magazine!

Q3: Why does it have to have a bi-pod?
A3: Again, like the 1000 rd magazine issue, this is primarily a real steel equivalence issue, you don’t have to use it, but you have to have it, because in real life they have them as well. Plus they come in really handy when your actually using your fancy shmancy support gun!

Q4: Why does my gun need to weigh 15 lbs?
A4: Believe me; I had issues with this as well. Basically there is this whole equivalency thing again. A real steel M249 SAW weighs a LOT more than an M16, so your SAW is also going to weigh a lot more than a standard AEG, its only fair. Is it dumb? Maybe, but it’s the rules. If you’re fully loaded support gun is 14.96 lbs and your worried, don’t sweat it, take it to a UCA officer and have him inspect it, point out its weight and see if it will still qualify. The weight limitations are a guide for us to determine what we feel is the justification of a super powered gun. Part of our calculations were that a player who had to carry a big heavy gun SHOULD get some kind of advantage.

Q5: Why can’t my gun be any gun I want? Why does it have to be from the list of approved guns?
A5: Again this equivalency problem. . . If you haven’t noticed yet we are trying to encourage you to use a real steel support gun as an airsoft support gun, crazy concept huh? Well in order for us to make this work out then you have to use a gun that is used as a support gun in real life. There are many many guns used in this role in real steel. They are called many things: LSW (light support weapon), SAW (squad automatic weapon), LMG (Light machine gun) etc etc etc. All you need to know is that at time of this FAQ only the following guns will be considered for QSS use:

PKM (7.62 mm)
IMI Negev (5.56 x 45 mm NATO)
LMG 36 (5.56 x 45 mm)
RPD (7.62 x 39 mm)
RPK (7.62 x 39 mm)
RPK-74 (5.45 x 39 mm)
Colt CMG-1 (5.45 x 39 mm)
M249 (5.56 x 45 mm)
M60/M240 (7.62 x 51 mm)
M2 (.50 Cal)
M134 (7.62x51)
H&K 21 (E) (7.62x 51 mm)
L86A1 LSW (5.56 x 45 mm)
Steyr AUG/HBAR (5.56 x 45 mm)
Colt Automatic Rifle (5.56 x 45 mm)
Heckler & Koch MG36 (5.56 x 45 mm)
Type 81 (7.62 mm)

Is this the above all and end all of lists? For all intents and purposes – yes. If your gun is not on this list, its not going to be a support gun. It's not just the gun itself, but the way it's used (it's not all about's what you do with it). The idea behind the support weapon is that you would have only one per squad, and your purpose is to use it to support your squad, or your team by using it at a fixed position (i.e. a machine gun nest or bunker) or actually mounted to a vehicle.

Q: If I meet all the required specs can I just use my gun and be a QSS?
A: All support guns must meet approval from UCA officer before they can be used in UCA games. This means if it hasn’t been inspected you CANNOT use it.

Q: What about the STAR M249 SAW?
A: The Star M249 is an exception to the weight rule because as a replica it models a gun whose original purpose was to be used as a SAW.

Q: What if I deck out my AR with a bipod and a box mag.
A: AR variants are not on the approval list.

Q: What if my AR is decked out to be a SAW but is shooting 400 FPS or less? Can I still use it?
A: Of course, you can use ANY gun shooting within the limits set in the UCA rules. The Support Class is specifically for the 450 FPS advantage.

Q: Isn't 450 fps dangerous?
A: It is more dangerous than 400 fps yes. That is why we will not allow just anyone to qualify as a support specialist. A player must have shown dedication to the club, a high degree of sportsmanship and honesty, and a profound respect for others. New players have not had time to demonstrate this and therefore would not likely be approved. When using a support gun for safety the min engagement distance is also raised to 35+ ft, up from the normal 20’

Q: Can I have my QSS gun shooting 450 fps with .25g bb’s?
A: NO! The 450 fps rule is dictated by using .20g bb’s, if you are shooting that speed with .25g you are way out of line and a serious safety hazard. DO NOT DO THIS!

Q: Well I know of several MP5 or other real steel guns being used as SAW's. If it's one of those are you saying I cannot use this class with those guns?
A: We recognize that there are many variations on may guns in the world. Over the years people have done very creative things with even the oldest weapons. In airsoft we have to have certain limits in order to maintain a playable balance. We like this Support Class rule and want it to be a balanced, playable option in games. For that reason and other we cannot allow all the wonderful variety of real world weapon to qualify.

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