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Mrs. Lawdog Giveaways for the Final


I am pleased to advise that my wife KJ Howe has made it into the absolute, penultimate, gold medal round of the American Title III Contest. If her manuscript wins this round she will get a publishing contract with Dorchester in New York. This is a big deal for a fiction writer.

We frankly believe a significant part of her success has been due to votes from Canadian Airsofters.

To all of you who forgot you vote by sending an e-mail with ONE SHOT TWO KILLS in the subject line to

If you visit Kim's website at and go to the Contests page you can register to win a Victoria's Secret gift certificate or a framed/numbered/holgraphed/autographed picture of Curtis Joseph.

But since we love airsoft so much, we are offering two cases of red wine to be won for members of ASC only. This of course is subject to you be legal age in your province, if not we will do an Ipod or something to keep me out of trouble.

The first case will be awarded by a straight draw. Simply bcc me (at )on your vote with the letters ASC in the body of the message and you will be entered in the draw.

The second case (hopefully slightly better quality-will see what I got in the basement) will be awarded to the airsofter who rallies up the most votes for Kim (30 minimum). To win this one you need to have each vote you get for Kim bcc ed to me with the code ASC-(your three initials) in the body of the message. For example my code would be ASC-RJH. Clear as mud. To make it easier on me if you are going this route you might want to send me an e-mail to tell me you are having a crack at it so I can log your code, make sure there are no duplicates, and create a folder just for you. I also have available some graphics, automatic voting buttons and newsletters you can use to send to your posse to help you out. An automatic voting button seems to be a good tool for this sort of thing. Please keep in mind each vote must come from a distinct e-mail address. If you have any questions just e-mail or pm me.

Oh, yes, this month's writing sample is the Romance scene and can be found at . We would both be pleased to hear your comments on both samples. I have some questions about the other competitor's scene but I will save them for later.

We really appreciate every vote we get. Please step up, join the wave and help make your fellow Canadian's dream come true.

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