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"Infrared Collimate and Flashlight"... what the hell is a Collimate? Also, why the fuck does it say Double-action? Semi-automatic design... excuse me? Also, what in the HELL is a "Nolster"??? How the hell would you use this in a Holster if you even had one!?!?!
Once upon a time I had a collection of "Shitsoft" box cover art with some of the most hilariously bad Chinese to English translations you can image. "Premium Wind Gun" and the like. I was reminded of them when I saw the warning in the right hand corner of the last picture that read - "Always Read Throught The Manual..."

Aqua, if I find those pics, mind if I post them in your thread?
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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.
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