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Shitsoft In San Francisco Stores ( 56k death!!)

I could simply NOT believe my eyes when I saw this CRAP. All I'll say is that I saw it in a San Francisco store, however to make sure none of you under-age anal-pirates get ahold of it, I won't say which location as these are ONLY at one location.

This is crap-soft at it's worst. Guns range in price from $20 to $40 (marked down from $90!)

Thoughts? Opinions? Hate-Mail for me? (lord knows I haven't received much of that in recent months)

OK, not airsoft related, but funny none-the-less.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a 1/3 scale PSG-1 wannabe! On the boxes, the workers had to scratch out with a black felt marker "Comes with 100 bb's!" because they really come with about 10.

What in the HELL is this and why the hell does it need a bipod?!

umm.. right..

Please excuse the shitty angles, I was wearing a coat and had to hide the fact I was taking pictures in this shitty store.


Wow, and it even comes with a REAL laser-sight!

Does that G36-wanna-be come with an AK magazine...?

So THAT'S how they get around it.. just put a yellow label on the box saying "This is not a replica of any real gun!" and start quoting law references...

"Infrared Collimate and Flashlight"... what the hell is a Collimate? Also, why the fuck does it say Double-action? Semi-automatic design... excuse me? Also, what in the HELL is a "Nolster"??? How the hell would you use this in a Holster if you even had one!?!?!

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