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Invitation From AirsoftXtreme Magazine !

AirsoftXtreme Summer Assault issue #3 is sold out in UK, US, HK, Japan and Philippines. We would like to thank
you all guys in purchasing our magazine.

With This... We present to you AirsoftXtreme 4th issue. With Canada's Very own "Dog of War Airsoft Team".

Out this coming September.....

AX 4th issue Contributors:

125 Pages in full color
All English Content
Featured Airsofters from all Around the Globe.
AX also went to Feature war and peace show in UK
AX also went to Big factories in taiwan like G&G, ICS and JBU
Pure Airsoft fun. Less Advertisements.
More featured Guns, Gears and Girls
Contributors coming from all Airsofters Around the Globe
More Tech corner
More Featured guns
More Airsoft news
More Airsoft Fun!!!!

AirsoftXtreme International will be distributed in the following countries:

USA (c/o rancho tactical)
USA (c/o Airsoft Extreme USA )
United Kingdom - - UK's branch of AX
United Kingdom (c/o 6 military UK ) -
Norway -
Hongkong - Hongkong Airsoft Shops
Japan - c/o Echigoya Airsoft shop / Mr.Matsuo
Philippines - ( more than 500 branches nationwide )

And soon....
CAnada, Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia

You can also check out our Ad and reviews at the following:
Arnies Airsoft Website - UK's biggest Review hub -
NLAirsoft - UK's biggest airsoft hub -

go check our Website At:

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