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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
...if you want something send him a part number as he will not look up the part number for you. any question about airsoft kit, look up reviews or ask on the boards. and questions are gear or kit, ask a JSOC member or ask on the boards. Hes not a FAQ and i dont think hes responding to questions anymore.
I'd be happy to help you with questions about AAairsoft/AAsurplus.

Next time i see him online I'll ask him if the CA M203 comes with mounting hardware

Hey, I was very specific about my request (including item number) as I know the situation about ASC's CA M203's. Further, ASC's is $100 less so I thought that may be the reason. I looked through forums, tried google and now have posted for information but any photo I see is without the mounting hardware. However I do not see mention of the lack of harware being an issue (which I think it would be were this always the case.) I am a serious and potential buyer and this is not some FAQ and as I mentioned earlier, Mark did respond and said that he doesn't remember having to sell separate hardware or this issue arising but that he would ask his gunsmith.
I think this was a perfectly valid question from a buyer about a product. If they don't come with hardware, I will get one from ASC and save $100.

I do however appreciate your offer to help.
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