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Originally Posted by szetor View Post
i see what you mean... about the import restrictions..

but if one company (small business) can do it... why cant others??
i.e why have some company have to close down while ASCA can still import no probs.
It's called MONEY.

Anyone with enough patience and money can get the licenses to import airsoft. However, you won't be able to make a living at it unless you invest tens of thousands of dollars for inventory and that few people are willing to invest in an industry that could be banned at any time. As well, running a business is hard work - it takes a lot of time, and there's not a lot of money in selling airsoft.....not enough that you could do it full time without having to guarantee several thousands of dollars a month worth of sales.

Realistically? You're going to need to invest about $50K in stock, another $10K or so for licensing and assorted sundry expenses for setting up your business, and you're going to need to make at least $5K-$6K per month in sales in order to pay yourself a decent wage you can live on. Not many people in this country have the ability or the will to pony up that kind of cash.
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That was a very bad move on your behalf. Sort of like cutting off your foot for money, but not getting the money first and then letting the person with the money run away.
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